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Wellness Care


Wellness Care - Cat in a Blanket


At Redkey Veterinary Clinic the health and happiness of your pets are our top priority. We understand that your pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of your family. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of regular examinations and annual vaccinations to ensure they lead a long, healthy life.


Regular Examinations: Your Pet’s Health Checkpoint

Regular health exams are crucial in detecting and preventing health issues before they become serious. Just like humans, pets can have health problems that are not visibly apparent. Routine check-ups allow our veterinarians to conduct a thorough physical examination and assess your pet's overall health. During these visits, we can catch early signs of potential issues and address them promptly.

Remember animals age much faster than people making yearly exams particularly important.


Annual Vaccinations: Shielding Your Pet’s Health

Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your pets from various diseases. They are a simple and effective way to provide immunity against common and potentially severe pet illnesses. Our team follows a personalized approach to vaccinations, considering your pet’s lifestyle, environment, and specific health needs. Annual vaccinations are a cornerstone of preventive care and are essential for keeping your pet healthy and happy.


Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention: Year-Round Protection

We strongly recommend maintaining flea, tick, and heartworm prevention throughout the year. These parasites are not only a nuisance but can also transmit diseases to your pet and, in some cases, to your family. Consistent preventive measures can save your pet from discomfort and protect them against serious health risks. Our clinic offers a range of preventive products and our team can help you choose the best option for your pet.


Heartworm Testing: An Essential Part of Preventive Care

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition caused by parasitic worms. Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, making any pet at risk. To safeguard your pet's health, we recommend a heartworm test every two years, even if they are on year-round prevention. Early detection and treatment are key in managing heartworm disease effectively.



Your Pet's Health, Our Passion.


At Redkey Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing the best care for your pet. Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you in every step of your pet's health journey. Schedule an appointment today to ensure your beloved pet stays healthy and happy for years to come.