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Surgical Services


Surgical Services - Dog Wearing a Cone


Redkey Veterinary Clinic offers surgical services for soft tissue procedures such as spay/neuter, mass/growth removal, abscess/wound debridement, hernia repair, some dental procedures, exploratory surgeries (such as foreign body blockage), and some orthopedic surgeries. 

To make sure your pet is healthy enough for surgery and anesthesia our doctors will perform a pre-surgical exam and we'll do pre-anesthetic blood tests and a preliminary EKG also. Prior to full sedation and intubation, your pet will receive medication to help them relax.

To further ensure your pet's safety, we use modern anesthetics comprehensive monitoring of EKG, blood gas, temperature, and pulse rate are monitored throughout the procedure. Certified technicians will continue to monitor your pet through the recovery process and make sure they are kept as comfortable as possible. 

Proper home care is an important part of the healing process. When your pet is discharged we'll go over all of the home care instructions with you and provide any medications necessary to alleviate discomfort. Written instructions will accompany all surgical releases.