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Dental Care


Dental Cleaning - Dog with Toothbrush


Regular Professional Cleaning

A healthy mouth and clean teeth can lead to a longer, healthier life for your pet. Taking care of your pets' teeth at home helps avoid serious dental disease, but cats and dogs need periodic professional cleaning just like you do. At Redkey Veterinary Clinic we take care to provide a safe, thorough, and professional cleaning similar to the one you get at your dentist’s office.


Dental Disease

Periodontal disease is a progressive infection of the gums surrounding the teeth. If left untreated it can lead to halitosis, oral infections, and bacterial infections that can enter the bloodstream and cause damage to many major organs. As part of your annual visit, (veterinarian's name?) will conduct an oral examination to ensure that your pet's teeth are healthy and disease-free. If a cleaning is needed, while your pet is under anesthesia, we will evaluate each individual tooth to determine if any other dental work is needed.


Oral ATP (Assessment, Treatment, Planning)

  • Scaling & Polishing
  • To remove plaque and calculus from your pet's teeth we use similar instruments to those your dentist uses. After cleaning, the enamel surfaces of your pet's teeth are polished to remove scratches in the enamel.
  • Home Dental Care
  • Your pet relies on you to help maintain their dental health through regular teeth brushing which will help fight plaque build-up. A sample with toothpaste and a finger brush is included in your take-home care package.



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